Upwork held an exclusive, invite-only event each year called the Work Without Limits Summit, where our top prospective and current customers could attend talks and learn about the future of work.
Event Intro Video
We created a portfolio wall that showcased the quality of Upwork’s talent.
To ensure a level of professionalism and brand consistency, we custom designed every slide that was presented using content provided by the speakers.
The event also included a robust micro site experience where customers could learn more about the event and return after to watch video highlights and access other event-related content.
The previous year we created an immersive wall display that walked attendees through the entire history of work. We also created booths where attendees could meet real Upwork freelancers across our top categories.
We also created a completely custom AR iOS experience where attendees could use iPads to explore an augmented reality version of what cities may look like in the future when freelancing becomes the predominant method of work.
​​​​​​​Project Scope:
Brand & Design Strategy
User Research
Brand Identity System
Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice
Motion Design & Video Production
Product Design
iOS Augmented Reality Development

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Cofer
Art Director: Harry Yu
Motion Graphics: Zack Patterson
Web Design: Stanislav Krutylin
iOS Design & Development: Bradley Martin​​​​​​​
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